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Tired of trying to lose weight and failing, bombarded daily with fitness facts and fantastic miracle weightloss rememdies, tried every diet without success, bought beau cou diet and weightloss books, too busy to fit in a gym workout during the day and too tired after work, not to mention too expensive to pay every month when you're not even using it????
leg raises waiting for city bus!
Until I changed my mind and made up my own fitness program like none other....
As a registered nurse with over  30 years of experinece I am privy to some insider crystaline knowledge. As a medical professional I take a step back when I hear there is a new "miracle" weight loss herb or pill and....SCOFF!
I happen to know there is really only one bottom line, actual truth that all "diets" "fitness plans" all follow, under all of the hype or (BS).
That one truth is this...
I have seen it 100's of times if not 1000's over my 30 years of nursing. People who EAT LESS LOSE weight. Many DO NOT have physical illness, they chose to eat less for personal reason ie, related to mental health or jaw wiring.
I have found a way to fit exercise into my day everyday, in a way that is natural, fun and Oh so freeing. With my program I incorporate exercise into the day throughout the day.
I have gained strength, endurance, increased cardio, and instant stress relief, without having to join a gym or change my clothes in the middle of my workday. I have been using my program for over 2 years and have gradually lost the weight I have wanted to, while learning to accept and love my body. I am now walking 4-6 miles per day and fit in 30 minutes of my program into my normal work day. If I can do it anyone can. Visit my website for a chance to achieve the same FREEDOM! 3MINUTEINC.COM