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Tuesday, November 10, 2015


That’s what I told my daughter the other day at our favorite cafĂ©, as I ducked behind a
newspaper when an old boyfriend of mine walked in to order coffee to go. (How dare he). He was so close to me I could hear him breathing.  I kept my back to him, my hat and glasses on behind the morning newspaper. I didn’t even mention to my daughter that I knew him until we got into our car. Her response when she figured out which guy it was…EWWwww.

He is now one of those old punker guys with skinny jeans, black leather jacket and what appeared to be dyed black hair. EWWWW!!!
Did he really ruin my life?
In my twenties I had had a dream. I sold everything I owned, except for my car, my skiis, and my new Sony TV, to set out on adventure to be a ski bum and work here and there to fund my dream. Everything was going as planned. I had already skied 3 of my 20 mountains I wanted to ski. When he eerily began to write me and whenever he could call and keep me on the phone for hours. Back then we did not have cell phones so I had a big long distance phone bill to settle with whomever I was living with at the time. He made some talk that to a 20 something young woman sounded a lot like a proposal.
The next thing I knew he was in California packing up my car and we made the long trip back up to our home state of Washington.
Within a few months he dropped me and found a new love. I was left with the shame of having to go back to my old job and the loss of my dream life.
I did make it to Utah after I climbed out of the pit of depression and skied Snowbird, Alta, Sundance, and Brighton and Big Mountain in Montana.

But did he really ruin my life?
The fact is that I made the decision to change my life plan. I could have stood the course and told him, “See ya later dude!” I made the decision to burn some bridges by leaving and because of it I lost a close friend and in the end the guy too.

I made a compromise. A compromise is what people do when there is a conflict of dreams and no one gets what they really want. If there is a loving relationship, you make changes that would be most beneficial for the person you love, because you love them. Him coming to California was not in my best interest only his. My leaving was not in the best interest of my friend that I left holding the bill. The love factor had been hastily ignored.

Yes he was a jerk and probably still is. But it was me that made that final decision to give up my own plan for the short lived pleasure of whatever he offered me at the time. I can’t even remember.
Our relationship with food is very similar to this type of relationship. Our craving for that sugary treat, or fast food, or just continuous mindless eating is only a short lived pleasure with disastrous consequences, just like my stupid boyfriend. We think, “Oh yah this is going to be good” and we eat it and mmmmmm it but then a few minutes later it’s gone and we have forgotten what we even like about it.
I don’t care how old you are, it doesn’t take a genius to figure this out. Trust me you don’t have to learn this one for yourself. Don’t give up your dream of reclaiming the body you once had or even losing 10-20 pounds, for the false promise that cookie is giving you.
He is a crumb, a bad cookie, a real sucker.
You get the idea here. Totally not worth giving up all that you have worked so hard for or your dream.
It’s not like you don’t know what the consequences are or that it is a false relationship.
It’s time that you take a stand against stupid boyfriends and bad cookies and get your dream and body back. Stay the course!
In my ALL NATURAL WEIGHT LOSS CLASS I give you all the ammo necessary to defeat these cookie crumbs and suckers so that you can achieve your goals and say,
“Uh um you got ta leave Sucka, Bye bye!” Once and for all.
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Friday, November 14, 2014


The holidays are upon us and that means...cookies. Now I have streamlined my cookie count down to two types. The sugar cookie christmas cutouts and the traditional biscotti.  If you have to have the aroma of fresh baked cookies in your home here is an alternative that can help you keep on the straight and narrow.


the recipe is simple 3/4 cup applesauce and 1 whole container of cinnamon. Mix  together until it is a sticky dough, roll them out, cut them into cute shapes, use a straw to make a whole on the top, put in oven on a cookie sheet and bake at 200 degrees until they are hard about two and a half hours.

ps. In aromatherapy cinnamon is used as an appetite suppressant. 
So you will have the aroma you want but not the temptation around. 

Leave the cookies for Santa this year. 

We don't need no stinkin cookies. 


Also along with the holidays this year is a cold snap. I walk  all year long and just took an hour long walk in the freezin cold, but if you are not used to it please do not go out in this weather. It is one of the combinations of conditions that may instigate a cardiac event.  You have to have worked up to it and your body must be in good condition. Use your treadmill or stair stepper or just have a jazzercise session in your living room. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Yesterday I felt like I failed a test. The test was seeing an "old flame" from the past and how I felt about my body image at the time.
When I saw him I wanted to run into my house and hide. Granted he did not look that great and I could only see him from the shoulders up as he was in a car. It had been 17 years since I had seen him last. But I felt FAT!
I felt like giving up! I'm just saying. I'm being truthful here because I know that you all have experienced similar situations. I want to encourage you to keep on keeping on. It has taken me 17 years to get in the shape I am in and it is going to take a lifestyle change  and  commitment "FOREVER FOREVER"to reclaim my body back. In the meantime I will continue to celebrate the small victories.
We all go through changes over the years even celebrities. My daughter recently found a website called "ValKilmerFat"  So sad. What happened there? I wish Val would see my website and make some lifestyle changes because...We love you Val Kilmer!

Saturday, October 4, 2014


When I say HYPE I mean,  the daily nonstop barrage of information related to you losing weight. True or not so true. Miracle herb, plant and flower discoveries, tested and untested products that we are expected to just believe that it will work and run out and buy some. Or better yet just click a button and buy it. Are you getting the drift here?  When you see those before and after pics, there is only one way that they get fantastic bodies, HARD WORK.  Now THAT is something that you can believe.
3 MINUTE INC takes pride in being able to say that I will NEVER attempt to lead you into buying a "Diet Product" as I do not believe there is such a thing, ie supplements, powder drinks, herbs, teas. However; there is one spice that I think we all need to take a second look at.TUMERIC.  

 An ancient spice that is still very much in use in India as one of the main spices in their daily meals. Think garlic in Italy! Studies have shown multiple benefits of this spice. Specifically India has the lowest incident of Alzheimers disease in the world. That in itself is reason enough for me to take it. It certainly cannot hurt. If you don't like the taste it also comes in capsule form. There is some talk of it also helping in the weight loss department, but I am not promoting that at all. Alzheimers disease is just as devastating as Cancer and if it can be prevented...WHY WOULD'NT WE???    As a medical professional, I don't often believe in trends or hype or fads, so for me to say this is probably a truth then you can trust that I believe it to be so.  Do your own research and I am sure you will find the same results as I did. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014


Do you ever wonder why you always see body builders looking in the mirror and flexing their muscles?
ok he's not a wimp

It is a classic representation of these dedicated athletes, imitated by countless real and not so real characters. The truth is that this is part of the defining process of contouring and getting the "cut" they want. It is called static muscle contraction and any wimp can do it and see results
You might be wondering how in the world I would know such a secret? Well in my late 20's and early 30's I was actually very much into the body building scene. Although never at the competitive level, I did train along side of some of the elite and gained insight and knowledge into the body building world through osmosis. Just being at the gym every evening and working out in the same room was an education in itself.  They are not always however the pictures of health, using many other techniques which are not exactly what I would call safe to get the look they want. One of which was "spitting" days before competition to become dehydrated in order to look really really "cut". This was enough for me to say....mmmm...errrr I don't think so.
I also know from this experience that the upper body is one of the best places to start when trying to develop definition as those muscles are the easiest to get visible results, not to mention strength. My daughter once started using this static muscle contraction technique while trying to change some of her thought processes, so each time she began to think in a way that was not productive or healthy, she would contract her abdominal muscles. She did this for about 9 months and  soon had rock hard abs.

 This exercise goes perfectly with the 3 MINUTE WAY as you can do it anywhere, wearing whatever and anytime without changing your clothes to do it.

Its really worth a try and you can do it anywhere without looking suspicious and it can't hurt you. Especially with muscles like the abs. I do it when I'm on my walk with my triceps just holding my arms hyperextended with triceps contracted at intervals of 30-60 seconds rest and repeat.
Please note I am not an expert in this field and am expressing my opinion and experience.

Saturday, September 20, 2014


It started out innocently enough when I first met the weird 2 tailed lady. Lattes and a sweet little cookie. I loved the idea of it and the popularity of it, made me feel a part of something very big and very cool. But then as good as the drinks were, I have never been able to tolerate coffee and well coffee is coffee even if it is smothered with milk and flavors. The 2 tailed lady lured me back in with cool music, and something new... CHAI TEA...which later I perfected my order to be "a tall non fat hot 6 PUMP Chai Tea" as the normal 3 pump just tasted like hot milk to me. Little did I know I was increasing the caffeine from 75mg to 150mg.  Well long story short, it all hit me the day I walked into my office and the secretary said, "You always have a Starbucks in your hand every time I see you"  DUN DUN DUN!  I was shocked because I knew then...I WAS AN ADDICT!
I thought I could just say enough is enough, but I was hooked. The minute I got into my car I was like "Pavlovs salivating dogs" and thought I needed a Starbucks. It was crazy.  I could make it through the caffeine withdrawal headache ok, but the minute I had a stressful day, I would give in and reward myself. Until I started using this one simple technique called TRACKING! I started tracking every dime I spent and every bite I took.  When I realized just how much I was spending on my addiction, and how much I was depriving myself from what I truly value,  it was a no brainer and I was able to kick it and haven't fallen off yet. Granted Starbucks is a great meeting place that I have to say has one of the craziest marketing plans that make it almost impossible to say no to, which I actually admire about them.  Now if I do meet up with someone there I just enjoy the aromas the ambience and have an ice water. I fill up a seat and look cool for a short time.  You might be saying there has to be more to it than that...well there is a bit. I have created an entire course to help others beat this and other life sucking habits. CLICK HERE to kick the habit for good.