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Friday, November 14, 2014


The holidays are upon us and that means...cookies. Now I have streamlined my cookie count down to two types. The sugar cookie christmas cutouts and the traditional biscotti.  If you have to have the aroma of fresh baked cookies in your home here is an alternative that can help you keep on the straight and narrow.


the recipe is simple 3/4 cup applesauce and 1 whole container of cinnamon. Mix  together until it is a sticky dough, roll them out, cut them into cute shapes, use a straw to make a whole on the top, put in oven on a cookie sheet and bake at 200 degrees until they are hard about two and a half hours.

ps. In aromatherapy cinnamon is used as an appetite suppressant. 
So you will have the aroma you want but not the temptation around. 

Leave the cookies for Santa this year. 

We don't need no stinkin cookies. 


Also along with the holidays this year is a cold snap. I walk  all year long and just took an hour long walk in the freezin cold, but if you are not used to it please do not go out in this weather. It is one of the combinations of conditions that may instigate a cardiac event.  You have to have worked up to it and your body must be in good condition. Use your treadmill or stair stepper or just have a jazzercise session in your living room. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Yesterday I felt like I failed a test. The test was seeing an "old flame" from the past and how I felt about my body image at the time.
When I saw him I wanted to run into my house and hide. Granted he did not look that great and I could only see him from the shoulders up as he was in a car. It had been 17 years since I had seen him last. But I felt FAT!
I felt like giving up! I'm just saying. I'm being truthful here because I know that you all have experienced similar situations. I want to encourage you to keep on keeping on. It has taken me 17 years to get in the shape I am in and it is going to take a lifestyle change  and  commitment "FOREVER FOREVER"to reclaim my body back. In the meantime I will continue to celebrate the small victories.
We all go through changes over the years even celebrities. My daughter recently found a website called "ValKilmerFat"  So sad. What happened there? I wish Val would see my website and make some lifestyle changes because...We love you Val Kilmer!

Saturday, October 4, 2014


When I say HYPE I mean,  the daily nonstop barrage of information related to you losing weight. True or not so true. Miracle herb, plant and flower discoveries, tested and untested products that we are expected to just believe that it will work and run out and buy some. Or better yet just click a button and buy it. Are you getting the drift here?  When you see those before and after pics, there is only one way that they get fantastic bodies, HARD WORK.  Now THAT is something that you can believe.
3 MINUTE INC takes pride in being able to say that I will NEVER attempt to lead you into buying a "Diet Product" as I do not believe there is such a thing, ie supplements, powder drinks, herbs, teas. However; there is one spice that I think we all need to take a second look at.TUMERIC.  

 An ancient spice that is still very much in use in India as one of the main spices in their daily meals. Think garlic in Italy! Studies have shown multiple benefits of this spice. Specifically India has the lowest incident of Alzheimers disease in the world. That in itself is reason enough for me to take it. It certainly cannot hurt. If you don't like the taste it also comes in capsule form. There is some talk of it also helping in the weight loss department, but I am not promoting that at all. Alzheimers disease is just as devastating as Cancer and if it can be prevented...WHY WOULD'NT WE???    As a medical professional, I don't often believe in trends or hype or fads, so for me to say this is probably a truth then you can trust that I believe it to be so.  Do your own research and I am sure you will find the same results as I did. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014


Do you ever wonder why you always see body builders looking in the mirror and flexing their muscles?
ok he's not a wimp

It is a classic representation of these dedicated athletes, imitated by countless real and not so real characters. The truth is that this is part of the defining process of contouring and getting the "cut" they want. It is called static muscle contraction and any wimp can do it and see results
You might be wondering how in the world I would know such a secret? Well in my late 20's and early 30's I was actually very much into the body building scene. Although never at the competitive level, I did train along side of some of the elite and gained insight and knowledge into the body building world through osmosis. Just being at the gym every evening and working out in the same room was an education in itself.  They are not always however the pictures of health, using many other techniques which are not exactly what I would call safe to get the look they want. One of which was "spitting" days before competition to become dehydrated in order to look really really "cut". This was enough for me to say....mmmm...errrr I don't think so.
I also know from this experience that the upper body is one of the best places to start when trying to develop definition as those muscles are the easiest to get visible results, not to mention strength. My daughter once started using this static muscle contraction technique while trying to change some of her thought processes, so each time she began to think in a way that was not productive or healthy, she would contract her abdominal muscles. She did this for about 9 months and  soon had rock hard abs.

 This exercise goes perfectly with the 3 MINUTE WAY as you can do it anywhere, wearing whatever and anytime without changing your clothes to do it.

Its really worth a try and you can do it anywhere without looking suspicious and it can't hurt you. Especially with muscles like the abs. I do it when I'm on my walk with my triceps just holding my arms hyperextended with triceps contracted at intervals of 30-60 seconds rest and repeat.
Please note I am not an expert in this field and am expressing my opinion and experience.

Saturday, September 20, 2014


It started out innocently enough when I first met the weird 2 tailed lady. Lattes and a sweet little cookie. I loved the idea of it and the popularity of it, made me feel a part of something very big and very cool. But then as good as the drinks were, I have never been able to tolerate coffee and well coffee is coffee even if it is smothered with milk and flavors. The 2 tailed lady lured me back in with cool music, and something new... CHAI TEA...which later I perfected my order to be "a tall non fat hot 6 PUMP Chai Tea" as the normal 3 pump just tasted like hot milk to me. Little did I know I was increasing the caffeine from 75mg to 150mg.  Well long story short, it all hit me the day I walked into my office and the secretary said, "You always have a Starbucks in your hand every time I see you"  DUN DUN DUN!  I was shocked because I knew then...I WAS AN ADDICT!
I thought I could just say enough is enough, but I was hooked. The minute I got into my car I was like "Pavlovs salivating dogs" and thought I needed a Starbucks. It was crazy.  I could make it through the caffeine withdrawal headache ok, but the minute I had a stressful day, I would give in and reward myself. Until I started using this one simple technique called TRACKING! I started tracking every dime I spent and every bite I took.  When I realized just how much I was spending on my addiction, and how much I was depriving myself from what I truly value,  it was a no brainer and I was able to kick it and haven't fallen off yet. Granted Starbucks is a great meeting place that I have to say has one of the craziest marketing plans that make it almost impossible to say no to, which I actually admire about them.  Now if I do meet up with someone there I just enjoy the aromas the ambience and have an ice water. I fill up a seat and look cool for a short time.  You might be saying there has to be more to it than that...well there is a bit. I have created an entire course to help others beat this and other life sucking habits. CLICK HERE to kick the habit for good.

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Elementary, my dear Watson

So here I am feeling pretty smug, I had had a successful day of knowing what I was feeling when I ate. Worked out efficiently.  Eating to nourish my body only when I was hungry. Drinking water to hydrate! Doing all the things that a healthy thin person does. When I got home though BAM the winds shifted and I got hit with a double whammy of stresss. Dinner had been prepared which I really didn't need but felt obligated to eat to make my daughter feel appreciated. She also made cute little pumpkin cookies again didn't need em but ate em.
Then my other daughter began to work on me with something that was on her mind and although I tried to help her and lift her spirits. She became more distraught about it
So I went on a walk, nice Autumn evening good walk, got home prepared to watch a movie and relax. Family began a stair climbing marathon up and down the stairs for what seemed like the entire movie, and sounding like a heard of wild horses,
   DEF COM 5.
CHIPS AND SALSA..CRACKERS AND HUMMUS. I know it sounds like a healthy snack but it was the way in which I did it, I really couldn't taste it and couldn't really feel what or why I was eating, except I felt like an addict, that somehow it soothed my irritation level into  not feeling anything at all, just self anger. So THAT's IT!  I was so angry at my family but because I love them so much I would rather just be angry at myself and eat until I did not feel the anger anymore. WOW... that was a revelation to me that I didn't even know was going to emerge. So this thing does work.  So now here is the question....HOW DO I EFFECTIVELY DEAL WITH THE ANGER TOWARDS MY FAMILY IN A LOVING WAY SO THAT I DON'T EAT COMPULSIVELY?
Stay tuned for the answers to this and many more why we eat questions.
"My name is Sherlock Holmes it is my business to know what other people don't know!"

Saturday, September 13, 2014

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GAIN WEIGHT? and why you should not get discouraged when you do.

DON'T GET DISCOURAGED...keep reading
 It takes about ONE MONTH to gain weight.

A friend of mine who is "dieting" recently said, " I ate a bunch of cookies yesterday and this morning when I got on the scales I had gained a pound." It is very unlikely that those cookies caused that weight gain. As I stated above those cookies won't start to register on the scales for about another month if she does not go out and work them off with activity right away.  What the probable cause is and what it is for most of us is a decrease in activity.
A few months ago she had taken time off work due to an injury and her job required her to be on her feet all day, plus a lot of upper body movement. So her calories burned decreased significantly and her calories in increased.  Her period of decreased activity was approx. 2 months, and her weight began shortly into her second month and continued at a rapid rate until now which is about 4 months. So lets do the math here.
D.A.= decreased activity IC=increased calories.
The same is true of me. I was out of commission recently with a back injury and could not even walk or get into the car. I am back now thanks to my miracle body worker. (I will be doing an interview with him soon to share his wonderfulness with the world) But my period of decreased activity seriously impacted my body. Even though I tried to control the intake, when you are injured you do need to nourish your body to a certain extent, but it was not successful for me and now my pants are tight and even my arms feel larger. So again lets do the math
As her weight gain began shortly after her first month of inactivity and mine was approximately 1 month as I had to start back slowly, it is my opinion that weight gain occurs after 1 month of decreased activity and increased intake.
So why you should not get discouraged about this is THIS. Once you get back on track you may still be in the gaining cycle. What I mean by that is those cookies you ate 1 month ago and did not go out and worked them off, they are just about to take hold and add to your waistline, even though you are not eating as much. It may look like everything you are doing is not working. Remember it took well into a month to put it on, it is not going to come off in 3 days or a week!
Give yourself 1 MONTH to start seeing decrease in weight, decrease your calories in,  keep doing the 3minute workout and STICK TO IT!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


We've been cloned! WHITE CHICKS MOVIE

Lately that is the question I have been asking myself and I am encouraging you to do the same.


Throughout my video series I have noticed I reached a certain level in my program that I felt like...This is IT! I have found the way...Now Im going to start seeing some REAL results. But alas, things just stayed the same. Until now. I found out that there is a lot more to it than my little friend named "Will Power" or reaching a certain saturation point of wanting to eat. It goes a lot deeper.  I tell my peeps in the program to ask themselves, "How bad do you really want it?" and then, "Do you really?" Because each time we "cheat" we are saying we don't really want it that bad. But after asking myself the question, "Why are you eating that?" if the answer isn't, "because I am hungry" then I go deeper. What am I feeling at that moment that is making me want to eat? What does my stomach feel like? What is my emotion?  I have heard that many women eat out of loneliness so I tried that one on for size and asked myself,
 "Am I lonely?"......long pause....Naaaah,
I'm really pretty happy, I love my job and my life, I love my kids and my home and all that I am. I'm pretty happy. To tell you the truth I enjoy my alone time it gives me time to create and give back to the world my passion. So once again I have found for me it is FEAR OF FAILURE in some form or another. It is a sticky one, and sometimes very powerful because I can't stop myself by just knowing that is what I am feeling. However it is half the battle right? The other half lies in this next question you really need to start asking yourself to finally defeat the FEAR. Simply click here. 

Saturday, September 6, 2014


I don't usually post so close together but I had an ephiphany and this has to be said before it loses its impact. A couple weeks ago, do you remember I asked you if you were guilty of any the "5 THINGS" and one of them was eating for various reasons, none of them being hunger? Well I had been using a technique to "FEEL" what I was feeling in these times instead of eating and it came to me that I eat because I FEAR FAILURE! ALL THE TIME. It was amazing not scary at all.
Haley Joel Osmet, "I see dead people"
Because I don't feel like Haley Joel Osment on the 6th Sense or anything like that, it is just a realization. More like, so that's what it is...aha kind of thing. So how does that translate to weight loss you might be thinking? Well now it's time to face the fear, feel the fear and then dismiss it because, the truth be told, I am no spring chicken and I have been around the block a few times, I am not afraid. So where is this fear feeling coming from? It's old news basically stuffed down down down deep into our memory from some stupid incident (like selling your own homemade taffy that was gray from the dirt on your fingers) that happened when you were a kid but you think you have overcome it. No it's still there so bring it up and look it straight in the face and say, Hey kid "I got this" relax. Then go do something towards pursuing your passion, to make your goals seem a little closer, instead of eating.  Yours may be something totally different the point here is to make contact with it, don't be afraid of it, feel it and conquer it. Just like Haley Joel in the 6th Sense once he stopped being afraid of his "gift" he was able to use it to his benefit and help others as well. Be curious about the why and then you will begin to find out the how.

Friday, September 5, 2014


Here it is...
Get ready this is big...
Eat less...exercise more...I know right? That is just CRAZY!
But guess what? It's true. As a nurse with over 38 years of experience in multiple fields of nursing I have seen it, countless times and in all different settings. It is not always in the face of illness either. These people are just eating less for a multitude of reasons, and not exercising at all, but they lose weight. By exercising more, you up your chances of achieving your goals, plus continue to eat a healthy diet, it is a win win situation.
There is so much HYPE out there I am sure most people would just  love to sit back and sip on some "SLIM TEA" and watch the weight just melt off. Right?
But news alert, it ain't happening!
You are just going to have to trust me on this and make a few sacrifices. Yes I said the "S" word, but really you can't eat a bunch of fat and not get fat. So just use your common sense. AND OH yes one more thing.. IT"S NOT EASY!
Yeah, sorry it is a life style change and that takes dedication and commitment, and the final ingredient is BELIEVING IN YOURSELF.
So there you have it the Craziest Weightloss Concept that when applied actually works.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Not exactly encouraging or uplifting title right, but it is the truth and knowing this, "the truth will set you free".

So lets get down to it. First of all I was still struggling with some of these so I found if I did this one thing I could reverse it. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.  This is a group effort, right? We are all in it together and together we can get to the other side.

DO YOU EAT when you are lonely, depressed, angry, frustrated, have a craving but don't know what it is, have had a bad day, having financial troubles, having relationship difficulties, tired, have given up on your "diet" and just say _ _ _ _ it?

DO YOU use food as a way of not dealing with what is going on in your life, past present and future?

DO YOU believe that if no one sees that you are "cheating" that it doesn't count?

DO YOU hate your body shape now and can't see any good thing about it?

DO YOU believe that there is nothing else to turn to except food?

Pretty harsh right but if you answered "yes' to any of them, you need to hear what I did and what you can do to.

So today I want you to click here  to find out this one thing, how you can stop the insanity now and finally be on your way to loving and accepting your body and losing and keeping the weight off.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


In the movie "HOOK" Robin Williams (who gave us so much and will be truly missed) could not remember how to fly until he found his "HAPPY THOUGHT".
In my minicourse I encourage my students to find their "HAPPY THOUGHT" to call upon in times of temptation and to help them attain success in their endeavors.
Lately though I have found that my "HAPPY THOUGHT" the thing that is powering me on to get up and practice what I preach is not exactly all fairy dust and pixie wings.
There really is no way to sugar coat this but, "I'M PISSED" there I said it and it's true.
I have a friend who does not believe me about the 3 MINUTE WAY and is gaining weight by the minute. I'm so pissed at her that I'm getting up everyday and doing everything that I have found to work for me but that sometimes well I just don't do for whatever reason. THOSE DAYS ARE GONE!
This is personal now and I'm out to prove her wrong and that this can and will work. I already know that it has given me increased strength and endurance as well as increased cardio and I have not gained any weight and have in fact lost 7 pounds. But she must not be seeing the results so, look out baby cuz here I come.
"There comes a time in everyones life that you have to chose what you are going to believe" Robert Duvall in Second Hand Lions.  I BELIEVE in the 3 minute way. So just like in the movie "HOOK" clap your hands and say "I BELIEVE"

Friday, August 15, 2014


This is a little something I like to call "the ladies room workout." It's going to require that you develop some moxie, as there will be a few that will laugh at you or think you are strange. Although the majority of those who have caught me at it really "get it" They know what it is like to work at a desk all day, or drive around in a car most of the day during a work day. So if they laugh they are secretly thinking I should really do that.  The trouble is that they don't.  3MINUTEINC. is about to change all that. With 3 little minutes we can change the world and the face of the average desk jockey. From a stressed out dissatisfied out of shape 9-5er to one that is energetic and fit and stress free, without having to rush to the gym at lunch or after work.  So be bold get out there and get your 3minutes in throughout the day. Lets do this!  You will have the last laugh when you come to work with increased strength and endurance, improved cardio and have access to instant stress relief.

Friday, August 8, 2014


Its another day I hope you are enjoying it. Today I wanted to talk about kids. You all have probably dealt with a kid who says, "I'm not hungry" when it's dinner time, well the truth is they ARE NOT HUNGRY! and they don't eat when they are not hungry. I have a nine year old granddaughter who eats like a bird and when she says she is not hungry she is not, needless to say she does not have a weight problem. So heres the tip...EAT LIKE A KID. If you have to sit down to a dinner, take a bite or two, that is what the French women do and that is why "French Women don't get Fat" at least that's what the book says. Listen to your body only eat when you are hungry and then stop. Always have a glass of water or juice before as sometimes that will be enough to suppress your appetite for awhile. Then get out there and do your 3minutes of bliss. Ciao!

Friday, August 1, 2014


So in my last post I revealed to you my addiction to sweets. However I want to share a little victory with you regarding that very thing. So here's the deal, I have found that whenever I eat sweets the next day I have a terrible ache in my stomach. Feels like acid burning the bottom of my actual stomach lining. So right there is motivation for me not to eat them right? But with addicts sometimes that is not enough. I have found though that by sticking to a few simple guidelines my sweet tooth is gradually disappearing and evolving into more of an appreciation than an addiction. With only one week of following these simple tricks you will start to see the difference and then the motivation to feeling good will be overpowering and victory will be there for  you as well.  So here they are:

  1. Continue to drink the ice water 2 glasses on rising and 1 before each meal and 1 during
  2. Find foods or meals you can eat during the day that are both filling and satisfying, usually need protein and carb to achieve this. Stay away from breads as you are really just eating sugar
  3. Stick to a simple (blandish)  diet in other words and try it for the one week. To make it simple just eat a couple different menus and alternate them each day or the same one everyday.
  4. Don't buy any sweets. Keep them out of your house. If you really are having a fit buy some nuts, for some reason they can satisfy a sweet tooth in a pinch. Especially walnuts and cashews, but don't go overboard they are loaded with FAT. Fresh fruit will do too.
  5. Don't eat after 8pm.
Simple right? Give it a try and let me know what you think. Not buying the sweets is big. You will see who the sweet monsters are in your home as well, because when there aren't any sweets they come out of the woodwork and cracks in the floorboards, trying to find them.

Sunday, July 27, 2014


I know that in the chemical breakdown of things bread becomes sugar. I am pretty sure that wine does too. However this post is not to say that wine is making you fat or that you should take it off your diet, on the contrary. Last night I bought a bottle of wine, and a sweet treat to go with it. Now when I buy a bottle of wine I research it, I read the reviews, listen to what other people have to say about it and then if it is the right price I will buy it. But if I taste it and find it to be crap I throw it out. So it is with the sweets. The one I bought last night was crap and I ended up throwing both of them out, but not after drinking some and eating some which then in turn made me feel like crap. The point being EVERYTING IN MODERATION... like my wine, good chocolate/sweets should be carefully selected and savored.
 The relationship between sugar and alcohol is significant because although we can boast that we  are not addicted to alcohol we have to admit our addiction to sugar.  The other thing I need to talk about is doing the 3 minute workout faithfully to balance out eating crappy chocolate and bad wine. Yesterday I was able to do several of my workouts throughout the day at work, so I felt good about that, but then on my days off at home even though I am busy all day, I notice I have not been doing the workouts. So it is imperative for me (and you) to continue to do them while cooking, cleaning or walking the dog or working on the computer to stop and give myself those 3 little minutes. GET BACK ON TRACK. It is a daily commitment, even after 2 years albeit, much easier and not an option of ever quitting on my part, I still have to remind myself to keep on keeping on.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


point em down

An eccentric ski guide once told me while heading down a snowy mountain, to "look forward" not just to see the next turn I would make but the whole line down the hill. He said it creates new brain cells. Something which I'm sure he needed to always be producing for himself. I don't know if that was true, but it was something that helped me in developing my own graceful skiing form and survive all life's twists and turns it has thrown at  me. He was correct in that if you stay focused on just the tips of your skis (and we all know this) that they will cross and you will fall. So it is with life. We must look forward. What good does it do to dwell in the problems that we are dealing with now or to look back up the mountain. (only if you are watching out for the occasional Kami Kazi coming down behind you) Sure we can learn from our mistakes and experiences, but then we must pick ourselves up brush ourselves off and get back on the bike. How does this effect your weight loss goals. Well if you think about it. We have to look forward if we want to achieve results. If we keep looking just at what we see in the mirror we are going to get discouraged and fall so to speak. But by looking forward we are already past that point and a whole new mind set is created, thus a whole new you.
So here are some reasons to look forward other than creating new brain cells.
1. Looking forward is an exhibition of your faith
2. Looking forward creates a feeling of well being.
3. Looking forward is like saying it already exists, AS you believe so it is.
4. Looking forward can alleviate pain and depression. As demonstrated in the pain gate theory.
5. Looking forward is contagious, when those around you see you are looking forward when your situation is grim, they will do so as well.
6. Looking forward makes you do your job better. A job that may be not so fun will be done and over when you look forward to the time that follows.
7. Looking forward can prevent costly mistakes. It always pays to plan ahead.

Friday, July 11, 2014


Yes this is true. There are forces that want to prevent you from succeeding. One of them is sickness and injury. We all have been "down" with one of these, but we don't have to let them reign in our life. I have been dealing with a foot injury for several weeks and I am saying now I am healed and I'm stickin to it. Just because you are sick or injured does not mean you have to stop moving. If you can't walk or run, ride a bike or lift weights. Just DO SOMETHING!!!  I have a friend that fell down some stairs and broke her wrist. Now for some reason she does not think she can walk either. She is so fearful that she will fall again. FEAR is another force that we have to contend with. I am a skier and even though I have been skiing for 30 years I still have to fight the little voice in my head that says, "Oh you might fall, you better watch out" I just have to quiet it and say I KNOW HOW TO SKI I AM NOT GOING TO FALL! It's a total mind trip. I like to use my illness and injuries to my advantage by fasting for a day or so, just to cleanse and reduce my intake. I do know that injury and illness does ZAP your strength and you do need rest and nourishment during this time. But keep some activity in your routine. Do your pushups or situps, as to not get out of the habit of exercise. The other thing is that sometimes sickness can be the only time we can give ourselves a break. Seriously my granddaughter said to me one day, " I wish I was sick so I don't have to go to school" to me that was profound. That to her school is so bad that she would rather be sick. We all need a break from work and school. I like to schedule time off that is neither sick time or vacation time, just SELF CARE time. I highly recommend it. The problem with doing this is what do you do with this time? Just taking time off does not seem like enough so schedule some things to pamper yourself, whether it be getting your hair done or a massage or a lunch with a friend, things that otherwise you have to squeeze into your normal week day making them less enjoyable.
In review: to defeat the forces working against you...
2 priest and a rabbi

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I have lived 60 years as of July 7 2014. In those 60 years have been blessed exceedingly and abundantly. My family, my friends, my career and my creativeness are all blessings I  am so thankful for. If there was one "HOW TO" that I could share with the world to help someone have a better life and success in it, it is this...FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS. Sounds easy right? You would be surprised at how many people just don't. You might be asking "what directions?" So now we get down to the nuts and bolts of it. These directions are the ones that you have been avoiding. Whether it is for weight loss or starting a business or parenting or any other life improving step. There are things you have learned, been taught, read about, or heard about from someone, that in the back of your mind a little voice says "hmm maybe I should try this"  or it might be a very loud voice saying "DONT EAT THAT" We all have them..here's one for instance, if you keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results, well that is the definition of insanity. But yet we see people doing it all the time, and be truthful, we do it too. Even in this little blog there have been plenty of tips to start following to help you lose the weight but have you started? Here is a great one that I just found while cleaning out my closet. On a torn out page of a magazine an article by Judith Viorst, she writes on What Makes a Woman Charming? The number one lesson is to be 100% present when you are with someone, "real charmers don't have wandering eyes-they aren't looking to see if there is anyone better to be talking with. Nor do they have wandering thoughts...they aren't (while seeming to be listening) planning their tomorrow evenings dinner menu. The truly charming person offers the person they're with their undivided attention."In this day when everyone seems to have their noses pasted to an electronic device, this instruction is vital and crucial to the survival of human interaction. I also found another article that I pulled out during my cleaning venture. It to was packed full of instructions. I will share a few that I have kept in my heart and followed throughout the years.
1.Dare to dream
2.Love what you do
3.Look at the bright side
4.Be persistent
5. Set goals and go after them
6. Once you set them start at the top and do them one step at a time
7. Surround yourself with positive people
8.Maintain integrity at all costs
9.Discipline yourself
10.Never give up 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Feeling frumpy?
Take a selfie and go from frump to fab!
I have a fun quick fix for you. I discovered this little trick during the 365 days that I video tape my workouts, wearing whatever I was going to wear for the day, sometimes without makeup sometimes with. What I learned after going back to review is
what a useful tool "the selfie" can be.
Seeing how I look from a viewers point was enlightening. Granted sometimes I was in my jammies and really didn't give a crap, but as it evolved I found my style and grace improving along with my confidence in leaving the house each day knowing that
So what does this have to do with weight loss you might be asking?
Think about it...
if you look good, you feel good and if you feel good,
you are not producing the dreaded Cortisol, so achieving your goals are much more likely.

Today I am joining the DeanSt Bettys in #StyleMeJuly in this Polka Dot Shot. A big shout out to Hilary Rushford for taking a chance to make a change in the world with her wonderful style biz.
Love you Hilary!            So take a selfie now and go from Frump to Fab!

Friday, June 27, 2014


As a nurse I have given many a medication to my patients throughout my career, for their physical pain and stress relief. Personally I do not resort to drugs, however I do remember a certain drug I was given after giving birth to my first child. I had to have a C-section and in recovery when I began to feel the pain of my incision, my nurse came in and gave me a little bit of a drug that was commonly used in Labor and delivery back then. As soon as she gave it to me in my IV, it felt as though someone began to slowly pour cool water on top of my head and it gently worked it's way down through my whole body...it was heaven! They took that drug off the market for some reason. But anyway....my go to drug now is best described in this short story:
Driving through downtown in blistering hot temperatures, window's rolled down, because the air is not working, stuck in road construction, and have to be somewhere in 15 minutes. Feeling a bit stressed, I reach under my seat for my good ole cd's and put in Stevie Ray Vaughn and immediately, my breathing is changed, the cool water begins again to flow down from the top of my head to my toes. The blues is my drug. What is yours?

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


What is the one thing that summer brings each year and does a number on your appetite?
HEAT! Seriously who can eat a big meal when it is 80 or 90 plus degrees outside? HEAT is the trickiest summertime appetite suppressant ever. Be careful though because, you might not be hungry, and feel like you need something cool instead....like ICE CREAM which although very good, will totally cancel out this little summertime gem. What you need to reach for instead are the "Green Smoothies" (beware easy to load up on calories in a hurry)  or a nice "Iced Virgin Mary"( mixed with orange or grapefruit juice.) You can find tons of recipes for these concoctions online. Better yet go commando and just drink ICE WATER! Really use this trick as leverage for getting ahead of the game while you can. Decrease the calorie intake during the summer and see the inches melt off you.
 I'm losing weight just watching this video...summer in the city!

Monday, June 23, 2014


There are three basic qualities that you must have or adopt quickly in order to achieve success with any weight loss plan. They are as follows:
ACCURACY: Which simply means to do whatever the program calls for with accuracy. Do the exercises the way they are supposed to be done. Eat the food that is recommended and follow the course as it is presented.
INTEGRITY: Do all of the above with integrity, or in other words DO NOT CHEAT. This is the cause of failure for so many people. They tell themselves lies like, "One cookie won't hurt" or " I can skip my workout today" So above all maintain INTEGRITY.
CONSCIOUSNESS: You must be aware at all times. Be aware of your body, how it feels, when are  you hungry, when you are not hungry and don't eat when you are not hungry. Don't eat mindlessly, be conscious when you are eating the feel and taste of every bite.
If you incorporate these qualities into any program you will succeed.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Believe it or not weekends are a source of stress. Even though we look forward to them all week, and make plans to go out and do fun stress relieving activites. The weekends are a change in routine, making them a major stressor. Think about it. If you have children their routine changes and you have to make sure that they don't go to far off course or going back to school 2 days later will be a major pain.  Then you have all the "things" you want to get done and if you can't for some reason then you feel like you didn't do anything or accomplish anything. I'm not saying weekends can't be fun and aren't fun I am just saying that any change good or bad is a source of stress. One sure way to beat it is to keep on doing your workouts, and keep that routine no matter where you are. With the 3 minute workout of course you can do it where ever and whenever you want.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Basically if a weight loss plan claims to be fast and easy I can almost guarantee it to be....well temporary at best. Losing weight is a lifestyle change it is making up your mind once and for all, to CHANGE THE WAY YOU LIVE, EAT AND EXERCISE, and that is the truth. In this era of information, it is always good advice to acknowledge, "if it is too good to be true it probably is" too good to be true that is...Right?
I hate to be Debbie Downer, but it is hard work. I once took Jillians weight loss assessement quiz and her response to me was, "there is really only one way for you to meet your goals...SWEAT!" At the time I didn't want to hear that and did not pursue her plan....
Jillian yelling :(
The other lies are the ones we tell ourselves, that we need a sweet or a expensive coffee drink, or something crunchy and salty. These are lies all lies. If we are eating healthy and wise like we all know how to because we have read EVERY diet and nutrition book.. right? We don't need any of that crap. Because we know it will just cause us to gain weight or at least never lose any weight.
After 2 years of doing my own 3 minute workouts, it has morphed into a much more advanced form and I actually do sweat. That is when I began to see results. Now the trick is to keep going, once you see that little glimmer of , "hey it's working" so important to keep up the pace and not give in to your old ways.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


3 MINUTES of EXERCISE INCorporated into your day throughout the day without having to change your clothes or go to a gym. For the person who thinks she is too busy to get a workout in, too broke to join a gym, and has given up on ever having the body she used to have. For the person who has tried every diet and weightloss/fitness program and failed. You know the drill start out strong, GUNG HO, buy all the food on the diet, maybe even lose 7 or 10 pounds only to gain it back again when after the few weeks you have stayed on it you revert back to your old coping mechanisms. It is changing your mind about the whole thing, 3 minutes at a time. This is a program that no one can fail on unless you just don't do it. But who can't find 3 minutes to exercise?? If YOU CAN"T there is something wrong. Once you realize THAT then the change will come.
Well I can't promise that you will ever be TWENTY again, but you will for sure, increase your strength, cardio and endurance and see a visible difference. If you follow the program step by step you will lose weight. This is a lifestyle change. By making exercise part of your daily life just like brushing your teeth. No big deal you just do it because it is part of your routine, without doing it would be gross. It will benefit, your mental health, all your body's system, the gastrointestinal, respiratory, cardiac and renal and neural. Just get up and move it today. Let me help you. Watch my videos. Yeah they are a little funny but you know what? I DON'T CARE!! I feel great and changing everyday to be a better me. I also accept the me I am today. Make the change, to make the world a better place.


If someone told you that they would give you a million dollars if you would drink 8 glasses of ice water a day would you do it?  You would be surprised how many excuses people come up with to not drink water. "Oh I don't know, I don't have time or it's too hard or then I have to pee too many times" Well it is proven that drinking 8 glasses of ice water a day can without changing your diet help you to lose 4 pounds in a year. If done faithfully. To me that is worth a million dollars, because it is almost half of ten and I would love to lose 10 pounds without trying.
It's a lifestyle change, drinking water consciously. So it's going to take some time.
If you can stick to something you make your mind up to do, that will make you feel good about yourself. Which then in turn reduces the whole cortisol effect and then gives you even a greater edge on losing those unwanted pounds.
So here it is:  2 glasses upon rising first thing in the morning
                      1 glass before and after/during each meal
I always have one by my bedstand at night as well.
Cheers and good luck with your lifestyle change. It's been a long time comin....


Sunday, June 1, 2014


I have come to the conclusion that no two women are the same as far as losing weight is concerned. But one thing I do know across the board is that eating less and exercising more affects all of us, in a positive way. This newsletter is for the women who are chosing to follow the 3 MINUTE WORKOUT PLAN that I created. Which I named appropriately, 3MINUTEINC.COM as it is incorporating exercise into your day throughout the day.
One day while at the dollar store I spied a video that I thought said 3minute workout and I snatched that up right away, thinking yah I could totally do that, but when I got home it was actually 30 minutes and well I just didn't want to do 30 minutes so I decided to make up my own.
The creation of this business and video series actually came to me from my children, who are young adults. They would see me working out in the kitchen while waiting for something to boil or a timer to go off and they laughingly would say "Mom you should create a video series with your workouts." I began to research the idea to see if anyone else had thought of it and much to my surprise there was nothing as crazy as me out there.
I have included the first video that is  called the "3MINUTE WORKOUT IS BORN" and no the idea did not come out of a bottle of wine, I was just relaxing and celebrating the end of my procrastination.
Cheers and ciao!

Friday, May 30, 2014


Well I don't know about the French women, but I do know about the Italian. I come from a huge Italian family who all love to cook and of course always gather together around food.
My mother was one of nine children with her parents who immigrated to America in the early 1900's from San Giovanni Italy in Calabria. I grew up surrounded by many Aunts and Uncles and cousins, the Italian language and the smell of good Italian food. Yet not one of my Aunts or Uncles were overweight. They were all in fact quite thin, and this is the reason why...PORTION SIZE!
Because they grew up in such a large family, no one ever ate more than their share even though there was always enough for left overs the next day. The other reason is they all did manual work on the farm. And of course everyone always saved room for dessert, which may have been a chocolate from a box of chocolates or a cookie. Gradually as all the Aunts and Uncles married we became more Americanized.
As a nurse I am always getting pitches from pharmaceutical reps, and on one occassion this young man was pitching a new wound dressing for coccyx wounds( your butt). He politely explained that there were American sizes and Euorpean sizes. The American size was twice as big as the Euorpean size. My point exactly!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Setting a weight loss goal seems like a no brainer...right? However if you are here it must be because you have set them and not met them and are discourgared and disgusted. Well you have landed in the right place. Try these 3 easy steps.

  1. Set a reasonable goal and build on it, not pounds lost, but rather, I will drink 8 glasses of ice water each day.
  2. Celebrate each small victory. Yay I drank 6 glasses of water, or Yay I walked for 10 minutes today.
  3. Keep starting over each day, as if it is your first day. This does not give you a license to go crazy off course everyday, but just know that you can and will start over the next day. Sooner or later your goal will seem more like the norm than the other crazy place and you will be ready to set your next reasonable goal.

Thursday, May 22, 2014


There really isn't such a bean/pill, but you already knew that right? If you look at the internet informericals, you wouldnt know it though, because everyday there is a new celebrity promoting the latest "magic pill". What is it now Garcinia Cambogia? Can you list all the previous miracles...green tea, acai berry, raspberry ketones, irvingia, and do you remember Hoodia?
Wouldn't it be great if there were such a pill/bean. But alas there is not. Truth is there is only one way to lose weight. Believe in yourself and the one principal that is 100% true and pure...Eat less... and exercise more. I know it's not what you want to hear and oh by the way, it's not easy. It's hard work, it's a lifestyle change, but together we can do this thing.  We are bombarded with empty weight loss promises daily. As well as  so many myths, my favorite ( that I love to hate) is if you don't eat samll meals constantly throughout the day you will gain weight because your body goes into starvation mode. Sound familiar weight watchers?? I have seen these people lose and gain and lose and gain, time and time again, all the while meticulously counting calories and eating eating eating. OMG...STOP THE MADDNESS. Please join me.  I want to hear your story. How do you lose weight?.
ps. there are many more myths we will be dispelling along the way.