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Sunday, July 27, 2014


I know that in the chemical breakdown of things bread becomes sugar. I am pretty sure that wine does too. However this post is not to say that wine is making you fat or that you should take it off your diet, on the contrary. Last night I bought a bottle of wine, and a sweet treat to go with it. Now when I buy a bottle of wine I research it, I read the reviews, listen to what other people have to say about it and then if it is the right price I will buy it. But if I taste it and find it to be crap I throw it out. So it is with the sweets. The one I bought last night was crap and I ended up throwing both of them out, but not after drinking some and eating some which then in turn made me feel like crap. The point being EVERYTING IN MODERATION... like my wine, good chocolate/sweets should be carefully selected and savored.
 The relationship between sugar and alcohol is significant because although we can boast that we  are not addicted to alcohol we have to admit our addiction to sugar.  The other thing I need to talk about is doing the 3 minute workout faithfully to balance out eating crappy chocolate and bad wine. Yesterday I was able to do several of my workouts throughout the day at work, so I felt good about that, but then on my days off at home even though I am busy all day, I notice I have not been doing the workouts. So it is imperative for me (and you) to continue to do them while cooking, cleaning or walking the dog or working on the computer to stop and give myself those 3 little minutes. GET BACK ON TRACK. It is a daily commitment, even after 2 years albeit, much easier and not an option of ever quitting on my part, I still have to remind myself to keep on keeping on.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


point em down

An eccentric ski guide once told me while heading down a snowy mountain, to "look forward" not just to see the next turn I would make but the whole line down the hill. He said it creates new brain cells. Something which I'm sure he needed to always be producing for himself. I don't know if that was true, but it was something that helped me in developing my own graceful skiing form and survive all life's twists and turns it has thrown at  me. He was correct in that if you stay focused on just the tips of your skis (and we all know this) that they will cross and you will fall. So it is with life. We must look forward. What good does it do to dwell in the problems that we are dealing with now or to look back up the mountain. (only if you are watching out for the occasional Kami Kazi coming down behind you) Sure we can learn from our mistakes and experiences, but then we must pick ourselves up brush ourselves off and get back on the bike. How does this effect your weight loss goals. Well if you think about it. We have to look forward if we want to achieve results. If we keep looking just at what we see in the mirror we are going to get discouraged and fall so to speak. But by looking forward we are already past that point and a whole new mind set is created, thus a whole new you.
So here are some reasons to look forward other than creating new brain cells.
1. Looking forward is an exhibition of your faith
2. Looking forward creates a feeling of well being.
3. Looking forward is like saying it already exists, AS you believe so it is.
4. Looking forward can alleviate pain and depression. As demonstrated in the pain gate theory.
5. Looking forward is contagious, when those around you see you are looking forward when your situation is grim, they will do so as well.
6. Looking forward makes you do your job better. A job that may be not so fun will be done and over when you look forward to the time that follows.
7. Looking forward can prevent costly mistakes. It always pays to plan ahead.

Friday, July 11, 2014


Yes this is true. There are forces that want to prevent you from succeeding. One of them is sickness and injury. We all have been "down" with one of these, but we don't have to let them reign in our life. I have been dealing with a foot injury for several weeks and I am saying now I am healed and I'm stickin to it. Just because you are sick or injured does not mean you have to stop moving. If you can't walk or run, ride a bike or lift weights. Just DO SOMETHING!!!  I have a friend that fell down some stairs and broke her wrist. Now for some reason she does not think she can walk either. She is so fearful that she will fall again. FEAR is another force that we have to contend with. I am a skier and even though I have been skiing for 30 years I still have to fight the little voice in my head that says, "Oh you might fall, you better watch out" I just have to quiet it and say I KNOW HOW TO SKI I AM NOT GOING TO FALL! It's a total mind trip. I like to use my illness and injuries to my advantage by fasting for a day or so, just to cleanse and reduce my intake. I do know that injury and illness does ZAP your strength and you do need rest and nourishment during this time. But keep some activity in your routine. Do your pushups or situps, as to not get out of the habit of exercise. The other thing is that sometimes sickness can be the only time we can give ourselves a break. Seriously my granddaughter said to me one day, " I wish I was sick so I don't have to go to school" to me that was profound. That to her school is so bad that she would rather be sick. We all need a break from work and school. I like to schedule time off that is neither sick time or vacation time, just SELF CARE time. I highly recommend it. The problem with doing this is what do you do with this time? Just taking time off does not seem like enough so schedule some things to pamper yourself, whether it be getting your hair done or a massage or a lunch with a friend, things that otherwise you have to squeeze into your normal week day making them less enjoyable.
In review: to defeat the forces working against you...
2 priest and a rabbi

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I have lived 60 years as of July 7 2014. In those 60 years have been blessed exceedingly and abundantly. My family, my friends, my career and my creativeness are all blessings I  am so thankful for. If there was one "HOW TO" that I could share with the world to help someone have a better life and success in it, it is this...FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS. Sounds easy right? You would be surprised at how many people just don't. You might be asking "what directions?" So now we get down to the nuts and bolts of it. These directions are the ones that you have been avoiding. Whether it is for weight loss or starting a business or parenting or any other life improving step. There are things you have learned, been taught, read about, or heard about from someone, that in the back of your mind a little voice says "hmm maybe I should try this"  or it might be a very loud voice saying "DONT EAT THAT" We all have them..here's one for instance, if you keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results, well that is the definition of insanity. But yet we see people doing it all the time, and be truthful, we do it too. Even in this little blog there have been plenty of tips to start following to help you lose the weight but have you started? Here is a great one that I just found while cleaning out my closet. On a torn out page of a magazine an article by Judith Viorst, she writes on What Makes a Woman Charming? The number one lesson is to be 100% present when you are with someone, "real charmers don't have wandering eyes-they aren't looking to see if there is anyone better to be talking with. Nor do they have wandering thoughts...they aren't (while seeming to be listening) planning their tomorrow evenings dinner menu. The truly charming person offers the person they're with their undivided attention."In this day when everyone seems to have their noses pasted to an electronic device, this instruction is vital and crucial to the survival of human interaction. I also found another article that I pulled out during my cleaning venture. It to was packed full of instructions. I will share a few that I have kept in my heart and followed throughout the years.
1.Dare to dream
2.Love what you do
3.Look at the bright side
4.Be persistent
5. Set goals and go after them
6. Once you set them start at the top and do them one step at a time
7. Surround yourself with positive people
8.Maintain integrity at all costs
9.Discipline yourself
10.Never give up 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Feeling frumpy?
Take a selfie and go from frump to fab!
I have a fun quick fix for you. I discovered this little trick during the 365 days that I video tape my workouts, wearing whatever I was going to wear for the day, sometimes without makeup sometimes with. What I learned after going back to review is
what a useful tool "the selfie" can be.
Seeing how I look from a viewers point was enlightening. Granted sometimes I was in my jammies and really didn't give a crap, but as it evolved I found my style and grace improving along with my confidence in leaving the house each day knowing that
So what does this have to do with weight loss you might be asking?
Think about it...
if you look good, you feel good and if you feel good,
you are not producing the dreaded Cortisol, so achieving your goals are much more likely.

Today I am joining the DeanSt Bettys in #StyleMeJuly in this Polka Dot Shot. A big shout out to Hilary Rushford for taking a chance to make a change in the world with her wonderful style biz.
Love you Hilary!            So take a selfie now and go from Frump to Fab!