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Saturday, September 20, 2014


It started out innocently enough when I first met the weird 2 tailed lady. Lattes and a sweet little cookie. I loved the idea of it and the popularity of it, made me feel a part of something very big and very cool. But then as good as the drinks were, I have never been able to tolerate coffee and well coffee is coffee even if it is smothered with milk and flavors. The 2 tailed lady lured me back in with cool music, and something new... CHAI TEA...which later I perfected my order to be "a tall non fat hot 6 PUMP Chai Tea" as the normal 3 pump just tasted like hot milk to me. Little did I know I was increasing the caffeine from 75mg to 150mg.  Well long story short, it all hit me the day I walked into my office and the secretary said, "You always have a Starbucks in your hand every time I see you"  DUN DUN DUN!  I was shocked because I knew then...I WAS AN ADDICT!
I thought I could just say enough is enough, but I was hooked. The minute I got into my car I was like "Pavlovs salivating dogs" and thought I needed a Starbucks. It was crazy.  I could make it through the caffeine withdrawal headache ok, but the minute I had a stressful day, I would give in and reward myself. Until I started using this one simple technique called TRACKING! I started tracking every dime I spent and every bite I took.  When I realized just how much I was spending on my addiction, and how much I was depriving myself from what I truly value,  it was a no brainer and I was able to kick it and haven't fallen off yet. Granted Starbucks is a great meeting place that I have to say has one of the craziest marketing plans that make it almost impossible to say no to, which I actually admire about them.  Now if I do meet up with someone there I just enjoy the aromas the ambience and have an ice water. I fill up a seat and look cool for a short time.  You might be saying there has to be more to it than that...well there is a bit. I have created an entire course to help others beat this and other life sucking habits. CLICK HERE to kick the habit for good.

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