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Friday, September 5, 2014


Here it is...
Get ready this is big...
Eat less...exercise more...I know right? That is just CRAZY!
But guess what? It's true. As a nurse with over 38 years of experience in multiple fields of nursing I have seen it, countless times and in all different settings. It is not always in the face of illness either. These people are just eating less for a multitude of reasons, and not exercising at all, but they lose weight. By exercising more, you up your chances of achieving your goals, plus continue to eat a healthy diet, it is a win win situation.
There is so much HYPE out there I am sure most people would just  love to sit back and sip on some "SLIM TEA" and watch the weight just melt off. Right?
But news alert, it ain't happening!
You are just going to have to trust me on this and make a few sacrifices. Yes I said the "S" word, but really you can't eat a bunch of fat and not get fat. So just use your common sense. AND OH yes one more thing.. IT"S NOT EASY!
Yeah, sorry it is a life style change and that takes dedication and commitment, and the final ingredient is BELIEVING IN YOURSELF.
So there you have it the Craziest Weightloss Concept that when applied actually works.

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