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Tuesday, June 3, 2014


If someone told you that they would give you a million dollars if you would drink 8 glasses of ice water a day would you do it?  You would be surprised how many excuses people come up with to not drink water. "Oh I don't know, I don't have time or it's too hard or then I have to pee too many times" Well it is proven that drinking 8 glasses of ice water a day can without changing your diet help you to lose 4 pounds in a year. If done faithfully. To me that is worth a million dollars, because it is almost half of ten and I would love to lose 10 pounds without trying.
It's a lifestyle change, drinking water consciously. So it's going to take some time.
If you can stick to something you make your mind up to do, that will make you feel good about yourself. Which then in turn reduces the whole cortisol effect and then gives you even a greater edge on losing those unwanted pounds.
So here it is:  2 glasses upon rising first thing in the morning
                      1 glass before and after/during each meal
I always have one by my bedstand at night as well.
Cheers and good luck with your lifestyle change. It's been a long time comin....


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