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Sunday, June 1, 2014


I have come to the conclusion that no two women are the same as far as losing weight is concerned. But one thing I do know across the board is that eating less and exercising more affects all of us, in a positive way. This newsletter is for the women who are chosing to follow the 3 MINUTE WORKOUT PLAN that I created. Which I named appropriately, 3MINUTEINC.COM as it is incorporating exercise into your day throughout the day.
One day while at the dollar store I spied a video that I thought said 3minute workout and I snatched that up right away, thinking yah I could totally do that, but when I got home it was actually 30 minutes and well I just didn't want to do 30 minutes so I decided to make up my own.
The creation of this business and video series actually came to me from my children, who are young adults. They would see me working out in the kitchen while waiting for something to boil or a timer to go off and they laughingly would say "Mom you should create a video series with your workouts." I began to research the idea to see if anyone else had thought of it and much to my surprise there was nothing as crazy as me out there.
I have included the first video that is  called the "3MINUTE WORKOUT IS BORN" and no the idea did not come out of a bottle of wine, I was just relaxing and celebrating the end of my procrastination.
Cheers and ciao!

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