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Friday, May 30, 2014


Well I don't know about the French women, but I do know about the Italian. I come from a huge Italian family who all love to cook and of course always gather together around food.
My mother was one of nine children with her parents who immigrated to America in the early 1900's from San Giovanni Italy in Calabria. I grew up surrounded by many Aunts and Uncles and cousins, the Italian language and the smell of good Italian food. Yet not one of my Aunts or Uncles were overweight. They were all in fact quite thin, and this is the reason why...PORTION SIZE!
Because they grew up in such a large family, no one ever ate more than their share even though there was always enough for left overs the next day. The other reason is they all did manual work on the farm. And of course everyone always saved room for dessert, which may have been a chocolate from a box of chocolates or a cookie. Gradually as all the Aunts and Uncles married we became more Americanized.
As a nurse I am always getting pitches from pharmaceutical reps, and on one occassion this young man was pitching a new wound dressing for coccyx wounds( your butt). He politely explained that there were American sizes and Euorpean sizes. The American size was twice as big as the Euorpean size. My point exactly!

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