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Friday, August 8, 2014


Its another day I hope you are enjoying it. Today I wanted to talk about kids. You all have probably dealt with a kid who says, "I'm not hungry" when it's dinner time, well the truth is they ARE NOT HUNGRY! and they don't eat when they are not hungry. I have a nine year old granddaughter who eats like a bird and when she says she is not hungry she is not, needless to say she does not have a weight problem. So heres the tip...EAT LIKE A KID. If you have to sit down to a dinner, take a bite or two, that is what the French women do and that is why "French Women don't get Fat" at least that's what the book says. Listen to your body only eat when you are hungry and then stop. Always have a glass of water or juice before as sometimes that will be enough to suppress your appetite for awhile. Then get out there and do your 3minutes of bliss. Ciao!

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